Window Bird Feeder: DIY Plans for a Windowsill Bird Feeder

Build a window feeding shelf for the birds with free plans.

Window Bird Feeder: DIY Plans for a Windowsill Bird Feeder

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Window Bird Feeder

If you enjoy watching birds but don't necessarily like going out in the heat, swatting bugs, getting soaked in the rain or slipping on icy patches, a window bird feeder might be just the thing for enjoying birds on your own terms.

This simple, open box is great as a window bird feeder. It has an enclosed top with a lip on the front of it. This lip drains water away from the open shelf, keeping both birds and bird food dry.

It's a perfect project for kids and beginning woodworkers: it has only five components that are simply nailed or screwed together. It can be painted, stained or, if made of treated lumber, it can be left unfinished.

Mounted on your windowsill, you and the kids can enjoy the neighborhood birds that come for a quick snack in the comfort of your home. It's a great way to interest children in learning about birds and nature in general.

The type of feed you set out for your feathered neighbors depends on the species of birds that are common in your area. It may include pre-packaged birdseed, corn, peanuts or a custom blend of seeds that the birds in your area prefer.

Many birds enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, so when cleaning out your refrigerator's veggie bin, cut up over-ripe produce to add to your window bird feeder buffet.

If you have squirrels in your area, you may end up feeding them as well. No worries, your kids will enjoy watching them as much as the birds!

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