Bluebird Bird House Plans

Free plans to build a bluebird house.

Bluebird House

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Bluebird House Plans

  The Bluebird may be found during the summer months in most of the states east of the Rocky Mountains. It spends its winter in the southern states and southward, returning north in March and April. The principal items of food are grasshoppers, caterpillars, meal worms and beetles.

   The bluebird bird houses should be so located that cats and other bird enemies do not have easy access to them. The openings ought to be turned away from the directions from which storms and winds most often come; and the house must hang or tilt so rain does not run in at the entrance. Houses are more apt to be occupied if placed in position in fall or winter before the spring migration, especially houses made of freshly dressed or newly painted wood. However, the bluebird rear more than one brood each season and so a house set up in May or June may have a tenant.

   The bluebird should have a house measuring about 5" in length and width, inside measurements, and 8" or more in depth. The entrance hole should be 1-1/2" in diameter and placed near the top, so that the young birds cannot get out until strong enough to have some chance of escape from their enemies after they leave the nest.

   While the surfaces of lumber used for these houses may or may not be planed, care must be taken that all pieces are sawed or planed to the correct sizes with edges and ends square and true so there will be no bad cracks for drafts and rain to enter. Be careful to nail the pieces together so that they will not have occasion to crack or warp. A good way to save time and lumber is to prepare a piece of stock, getting it of the right thickness, width and length, and then to saw up this stock on lines carefully laid out as shown in the drawings of the bluebird house. Sometimes the bottom is hinged on two screws or nails, and held in proper place by a dowel.

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Dimensions of nesting boxes for a Bluebird:


Floor of cavity

Depth of cavity

Entrance above floor

Diameter of entrance

Height above ground








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