Suet Feeder: Build this Bird Feeder with Chicken Wire & Wood

Free plans for building a suet feeder with chicken wire and wood.

Suet Feeder: Build this Bird Feeder with Chicken Wire & Wood

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This suet feeder is so simple to make that it's perfect for kids to learn woodworking basics. It only takes five pieces of wood, a bit of mesh chicken wire and a hinge to complete the project.

The lid of the suet feeder is hinged, so it's easy to insert more bird food. It also keeps birds from getting into the top of the food enclosure. After the wooden frame of the suet bird feeder is assembled, chicken wire is stapled to the front of the piece.

The birds cling to the chicken wire while eating. Birds that eat seeds are easily attracted by using small grains such as wheat and oats.

Bread crumbs, bread crusts or canary seeds and sunflower seeds, can be put in the food shelter for the birds. Treats for many species of birds include suet, meat scraps and vegetables and fruits, like apples, raisins, celery, lettuce, and berries.

Remember that suet is used mainly in the winter as the fat can get rancid quickly in the summer heat.

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