Platform Bird Feeder - Build a DIY Bird Feeding Shelf

Free plans for building a platform bird feeding shelf.

Platform Bird Feeder - Build a DIY Bird Feeding Shelf

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Platform Bird Feeder Shelf

Here's a great beginner's woodworking project that's easy on the budget. This platform bird feeder requires only four pieces of wood, and it's put together very simply. After assembling, just mount it to a wall and pour some feed or seed on the shelf.
In selecting the wood for your platform bird feeder, you should choose a type that weathers well. Redwood and Cyprus are both naturally weather resistant. If you decide to use pine, treated lumber will stand up to the elements better than plain pine. Plan to stain and seal or paint the feeding shelf to protect the wood.

Depending on the type of birds that hang out in your neighborhood, your buffet may include sunflowers, corn and peanuts as well as thistle, millet and flax. Some birds enjoy fresh fruits and veggies, so some leftover salad fixin's, over-ripe vegetables and fruits can also be a good way to keep the refrigerator cleaned out!

You can paint or stain the wood to match or coordinate with the building on which it's mounted. It might even be a focal point for displaying several outdoor plaques and wall-mounted flower pots. Position the feeder, so it's out of the wind and rain. Since it's open on the front, the feed can easily be blown off the shelf.

If you position your bird feeding shelf where you can see it from a window, you can enjoy your feathered neighbors without interrupting their feast. If you feed the birds in the winter, you can enjoy their antics from the comfort of your cozy house.

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