Wild Bird Food Recipes - Bird Suet, Homemade Bird Food


Many different recipes to make for wild birds.

Save money by making your own bird food.

Wild Bird Food Recipes

Hummingbird Food Recipe
Our own recipe for hummingbird food.

Wild Bird Food Recipes
Food recipes for hummingbirds, oriole's and more; including recipes for suet.

Bird Seed Wreath
A simple to make wreath that includes sunflower seeds, wild grass seeds and wild grapes.

Peanut Butter Bird Food
A healthy bird food recipe that uses peanut butter, seed and some dried fruit.

Simple Wild Bird Food
Here are two wild bird recipes; one is simple and the other is a premium blend.

So Many Suet Recipes
Over twenty suet recipes can be found here to help you make your own wild bird suet.

How to Make Bird Suet
An easy to make bird suet that has beef fat included in the recipe; birds just love it.

woodworking plans including bird house plans and bird feeder plans