6 DIY Bird Feeder Plans - Choose Window Feeders & Others

A window bird feeder is a great way to provide food for the birds in your neighborhood and an enjoyable way to do a little bird watching right in your own back yard. DIY bird feeder plans enclosed in glass shelter birds while feeding in inclement weather and help keep the seed and other food dry, edible and in place.

See-through wild bird feeders can be stationed in the open on a pole or stand. Other versions can be mounted to a wall or a windowsill. Regardless of which type of feeder you choose, make sure that it is positioned so you're able to view the feeder. great entertainment for kids and adults alike to watch the birds congregate in your yard.

A feeding station that mounts on a window is a perfect way for folks to enjoy birds without going outside. Small children and those who have limited mobility can bird watch from the comfort and safety of their home. You may not be able to bring Mother Nature's creatures indoors, but you'll still be able to spend time enjoying them.

DIY bird feeders with glass enclosures are more complex to build than some plans. You'll need a bit more skill and experience to construct this type of unit, but it's a good way to practice new skills: the birds won't mind if it's not quite perfect!

Suet feeders can take many shapes and sizes. From DIY bird feeders made with wood and wire mesh to simple found objects transformed into feeders, there are lots of ways to provide these needed nutrients for the neighborhood birds.

The bird feeders are often hung from tree branches or mounted against the trees. Wood and mesh DIY bird feeders can be freestanding, mounted to a post or suspended from a metal arm attached to a wall or deck.

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