How to Make a Bird Feeder - Plans for Sheltered Bird Feeder

How to make a sheltered bird feeder.

How to Make a Bird Feeder - Plans for Sheltered Bird Feeder

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Sheltered Bird Feeder

If you'd like to learn how to make a bird feeder, this sheltered feeder is a good way to practice your woodworking skills. It's more complex and has a lot of parts: it boasts two levels of roosts and a food shelf. The nice thing about learning woodworking while making a bird feeder is that if you're less than perfect, the birds won't mind a bit!

This sheltered bird feeder is built and mounted around a 5-inch square wooden pole. If you have squirrels in the area, plan to mount a pole baffle or guard to keep the little marauders out of the feeder.

You also need to either build a wide base that prevents it from toppling or set it in the ground with cement. Built on a stand, it's moveable if you're not sure where you want to place it. If you set it in the ground, use a treated post so that the wood won't rot.
Make the roof water-proof at the peak seam, so water doesn't leak through the crack and ruin the bird feed. You can seal it with exterior caulk or cover the roof with tin or zinc.

Since this is probably going to be a focal point in your yard or garden, paint or stain it to complement your yard decor. You may make it the center of a flower bed encircling the post or set it near a water feature.

As you get to know which species of birds hang around, you can adapt what type of feed you're using. Some birds prefer seeds, and you can purchase pre-mixed bird seed. If you know exactly what kind of seed birds in your area like, you can purchase those seeds individually. Don't forget that many birds enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. Add those for a special treat when you have leftover or over-ripe produce.

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