2 Flicker Bird House Plans - Woodpecker House Plans

2 flicker bird house plans to choose from.  Click on the picture below to go to each of the Flicker bird house plans.

If you're unfamiliar with the Flicker bird, it's probably because you know this bird as a type of Woodpecker. From Alaska to Central America, you'll find some variety of this medium-sized, insect-eating bird. If you have these insect-loving birds in your area, attract them over to your property to help keep down the bug population by using bird house plans that are made just for Flickers.

This bird prefers cavities in stumps or trees to build their homes, so creating a deep nesting box with the access near the top is something the Flicker bird will favor. You should mount the birdhouse from 6 to 20 above ground, as that's where the Flickers feel most comfortable and secure.

Mounting the Flicker bird house well before mating season is a good idea for the wood to weather, and the birds become accustomed to seeing it on your property. Set them out during the fall or winter before they return from their migration.

Flicker Bird House Plans #1:

2 Flicker Bird House Plans - Woodpecker House Plans

Flicker Bird House Plans #2:

Flicker Bird House Plans - Woodpecker House Plans

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