Bird Feeder Plans - DIY Adjustable Bird Feeder on a Base

Build an adjustable DIY bird feeder on a base with these plans.

Bird Feeder Plans - DIY Adjustable Bird Feeder on a Base

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Adjustable Bird Feeder Plans

The Adjustable Bird Feeder Shelter is a feeder mounted on a base with a vane so the adjustment takes place automatically.

Bird feeder plans can be as simple or as complex as you choose. You can build a very simple platform or container, or you can construct an elaborate design that adds a decorating element to your yard or flower garden.

A DIY bird feeder can be a free-standing unit on a pedestal or pole. These designs need to be sturdy enough so they won't topple. Other animals may try to climb them, so they must be secured firmly into the ground or have a broad base to prevent being pushed over.

Some bird feeder plans use suspension systems. They may hang from a chain or rope suspended from a tree or building eave. A metal pole with a hook can be put in the ground, or a hook projecting from a wall can hold the bird feeder. Other DIY plans are made to be mounted to the side of a building or a tree.

Squirrels pose a continual threat in many areas, so modifications may be needed to prevent these furry thieves from making off with every kernel of birdseed. Bird feeder plans may include specifics on ways to deter squirrels, and many products can be used in conjunction with your DIY bird feeder building plan.

There are loads of woodworking plans to build bird feeders, but there are also lots of plans that use simple household objects as well. Many of these bird feeders are simple enough for the kids to create and can be extremely inexpensive using upcycled items and things found around the house. You can even use natural items like corn cobs and pinecones stuffed with suet, peanut butter and coated in seeds.

Research what types of seeds the different birds in your area prefer, so you'll always have a special treat for all your feathered neighbors.

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