Build a Birdhouse - Plans to Make a Flycatcher Bird House

Build a Flycatcher bird house with free plans. With 400 species of the Flycatcher bird, this little guy can be found from the Canadian north to the tip of South America. These medium size, insect-eating birds often use abandoned woodpecker nests or cavities in trees, but you can build a bird house that may attract these prolific bug-eating birds to help keep your property's insect population under control.

Easily built using scrap lumber, you should leave the structure unpainted. You may wish to hinge the bottom so it can be unfastened for cleaning at the end of the birds' tenancy. It should be mounted between 8 and 20 feet high on a tree at the edge of your property.

Build a Birdhouse - Plans to Make a Flycatcher Bird House

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Flycatcher Bird - Build a Bird House

  The flycatcher house has a 6.25" x 7" floor, 10" long roof and an entrance hole about 5.25" above the floor. Build one with these free plans and start birdwatching!

Dimensions of nesting boxes for a Crested Flycatcher:


Floor of cavity

Depth of cavity

Entrance above floor

Diameter of entrance

Height above ground







Crested flycatcher

6 by 6

8 to 10



8 to 20

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