11 DIY Bird House Plans - Purple Martin House, Wren Houses

Purple Martins and wrens seem to be almost everywhere, and they have very different housing preferences. Both eat loads of insects, so they're a welcome addition anywhere. There are lots of DIY bird house plans for creating a welcoming home for these valuable neighbors. You can create simple or elaborate nesting boxes with a few woodworking tools and supplies, so they're great for both beginners and advanced craftsmen.

DIY bird house plans for Purple Martins is rather like constructing a miniature apartment building, as these social animals live in colonies. You can build a small "apartment" for four or six families, or you can construct a condo that can house a dozen or more family groups.

Purple Martins only like high-rise dwellings so you need to place your bird house 15 to 20 feet high in the air to attract this type of bird. Make sure to situate the structure in a shady location to help keep the temperature down during the heat of the day. Also, position the structure so that rain doesn't blow in or seep through the entrance.

Wrens are not very particular when it comes to finding a home. They'll take up residence in an abandoned shoe or even a tin can or hollow gourd if nothing better turns up.

Very simple DIY birdhouse plans are perfect for both the wrens and beginning woodworkers. If you hinge the bottom of the structure, it will be easy to clean out the bird house when your tenants have left for the season. Plan on locating your bird house six to ten feet above ground and position it so the opening is facing away from prevailing winds. Make sure that the location is safe from cats or other predators in the area.

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