20 Bird House Plans & Bird Feeder Plans: Simple to Build

Learn how to build simple, functional bird houses and bird feeders. Print or download.

Build your own bird houses and bird feeders with one of these 20 easy to follow detailed plans. There are a wide variety of delightful woodworking weekend projects.

Birdhouse Plans

includes bluebird houses, chickadee house, flicker houses, flycatcher house, house finch houses, Purple Martin houses, woodpecker houses and wren houses. A plan for a platform for nest building birds is also included.

Bird Feeder Plans

includes adjustable bird feeders, feeding shelves, suet feeders, food shelters, see-through feeders and window feeders.

20 Bird House Plans & Bird Feeder Plans: Simple to Build

BirdhouseBuzz.com contains a wide variety of bird house plans and bird feeder plans. The styles range from practical, common box houses to the expansive Purple Martin houses for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels.

For many of the bird houses and bird feeders only simple hand tools are needed. The plans included on this site are mainly for simple, basic and unadorned shelters for birds.

Bird house plans are perfect for both beginning and advanced woodworkers. DIY birdhouse and DIY bird feeder plans can be simple or detailed, and creating a cozy home for the neighborhood's winged residents is a fun hobby the whole family can enjoy.

Although some bird house plans are generic, many are species-specific. Choose bird house plans that are made for birds that live in your area. The hole size is important for excluding undesirable birds that may monopolize the house while attracting the kind of bird you want to enjoy watching. You can also choose bird feeder plans for birds in your region to keep your new neighbors happy.

Bird house plans that complement your home and yard add visual interest to your property. They'll provide countless hours of entertainment and pleasure, from practicing woodworking skills to enjoying the wildlife of your own backyard.

woodworking plans including bird house plans and bird feeder plans