Bird House Plans for a Flicker Bird House, Woodpecker

Free plans for building a flicker bird house.

Bird House Plans for a Flicker Bird House, Woodpecker

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Bird house plans for flickers or woodpeckers are tall and deep compared to many nesting boxes. That's because flickers are cavity nesters that typically build their home in a hollow or hole in a tree. They prefer to excavate their own homes, so filling the bottom of their bird house with wood shavings is important for them to feel at home. Having a hinged top or bottom allows you to replace the wood shavings easily each year.

A flicker bird house should be mounted against a tree or it can be placed on a fence post or pole. Flickers are more likely to move into a new home if it's positioned in the fall or winter before the spring migration. This is especially true with freshly dressed or newly painted wood.

Dimensions of nesting boxes for a Flicker:


Floor of cavity

Depth of cavity

Entrance above floor

Diameter of entrance

Height above ground








7 by 7

16 to 18



6 to 20

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