Bird House Kits - Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard

By Ronnie Booth

Birding enthusiasts find all kinds of ways to attract birds to their gardens and backyards. They often use bird feeders of various sizes and shapes, filled with a variety of food and other things to attract many different species of birds.

A bird bath is another common fixture, providing a place for passing birds to perch and drink in peace.

One of the best ways of attracting birds is to provide them with a place to nest - they will keep returning instead of just stopping on their way past. You can buy pre-made bird houses or kits that you assemble yourself. If you're handy you can even build your own from scratch.

If you're thinking of using a bird house kit the first thing to consider is how it will be used. Is it going to be a permanent fixture in your yard or do you want it to be more portable? And what types of birds are you hoping to attract with it?

Some kits are made for single birds, others for more than one. Some are hung while others can be mounted on a fence or a post of some sort. Taking the time to plan ahead will make your birding experience much more satisfying.

If you're buying a ready-to-assemble kit, the wood will all be pre-measured and cut and all the other hardware will also be included. The entrance holes will be pre-cut and the mounting holes will be prepared for you. These kits are generally made from cedar as it is a good weather-resistant wood.

You may find the surfaces are rough or possibly primed, ready for a finish coat of paint. Painting the bird house is often half the fun. You can go simple, with a color that attracts the type of birds you want or you can go with a fancier paint job, making it a nice addition to your garden.


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