Things To Know About Bird Watching

By Preddy Boise

Many of us love watching the birds that flock to our gardens. We transform our gardens from basic human-enjoying spaces to areas where we'll see lots of different birds. While we may enjoy just watching and listening to birds, to gain the most out of bird watching it's best to go where you'll find many types of birds.

One such place to find a wide diversity of bird species is to go to your local park, nature reserve or even a bird sanctuary. There are about 500 National Wildlife Sanctuaries to be found in America itself. To find one that's near you, the internet should be of help.

Another way to enjoy bird watching is to know what particular bird lives in the area that you'll be visiting. As there are more than 900 species of American birds to be found it pays to be able to say that you recognize the birds that come your way. The way to achieve this is do some research prior to going on your bird watching excursion. Keeping listed notes will let you keep track of the birds that you've seen.

Binoculars are an essential piece of bird watching equipment. While you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive model it does pay to have a pair of binoculars that can stand up to the terrain that you'll be going through, and the weather that you'll have to endure. Your binoculars must be able to keep the images stabilized as this is necessary for long distance bird watching. Also your binoculars must be able to work in dim lighting and not fog up. As birds are not stationary creatures you should be able to focus on them very quickly.

To be able to track birds in flight with ease demands skill in bringing your binoculars or camera up and panning along with their motion quickly and accurately. The only way to get this technique is to practice raising your arm quickly and following a fast moving object like a plane or your dog. Once you're proficient at this, you'll be able to focus on anything that moves out in the field.

Taking someone who shares your interest in bird watching will make your trip an exciting one. Not only will they be able to discuss all that they know about bird watching with you, they can help to spot any birds that are hidden from your sight. They may even know some tricks that'll let you see and photograph some posing birds.

The reasons for bird watching are numerous but the main reason is that you'll enjoy understanding more about these feathered creatures that inhabit the world alongside us. This will make your enjoyment of the birds in your garden and home even more intense. After all, as every bird watching fanatic knows there's nothing quite as pleasant as bird watching and nothing quite as relaxing. Add a good cup of steaming coffee into the mix and you're all set.

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